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PHP Logistics Script

Eicra Logistics script offers a complete feature rich CMS Driven web application for Freight Forwarding Ocean Import, Air Import, Domestics Freight, Pickup & Delivery, Freight Logistics Service and Export import industry. Our web application is full feature content management system (CMS) for people who want a professional internet presence that is easy to maintain.

The state-of-the-art structure of the system offers a high security standard and allows you to develop search engine friendly websites that are also accessible for people with disabilities. Furthermore, the system can be expanded flexibly and inexpensively. Easy management of user rights, the Live Update Service, the modern CSS framework and many already integrated modules (news, calendar, forms, etc.) have quickly made logisticsscript.com one of the most systems on the Freight Logistics and freight forwarding industry.

Logisticsscript.com is developed focusing of core business after doing extensive research analysis on the Freight Logistics and freight forwarding business sector. The application's business logic is heavily focused to its own platform and we cannot afford adding / removing custom functionalities on core application model. It is a Content Management System and platform for building websites and web applications. It is ideal for small and large scale projects alike.

More Features

Core Features

Core features of this product are described as follows:

  • The simplest solution for Courier & Cargo Tracking Business.
  • You can get install it yourselves or We do the installation and brand it in your name on your hosting !
  • Advance Track Shipment / Consignment.
  • The Script can fit into your new or existing website design. The Header and Footer can be edited to suit your website look and feel.
  • Advance administration Control panel to manage the site.
  • Easy business network buildup and update of Consignment status.
  • Easy content production - Designed with non-technical content editors. All department members even with average knowledge of word processing can create the content easily. No HTML or programming skills required. No Web designers or programmers are needed for every little modification - you are in control of your website.
  • Search engines - All pages can be found and indexed by common search engines like Google. Pages with the same content but different layout are indexed only one time.
  • Navigation is automatically generated - Menus are generated automatically based on the database content. All URLs are rewrite in a clear and human readable way.
  • Configurable access restrictions - Users are assigned roles and permissions that prevent them from touching content in which they are not authorized to change. Each Web page is also assigned with permissions access for users and visitors.
  • Finally in short the Logisticsscript.com is Very easy to setup and manage powerful administration. Provide online tracking system of consignment and shipping detail for International or domestic shipping.

More Features

Key Features to keep you one step ahead

Logistics Software
SEO and valid HTML 5
We made the front site layout to be simple and search engines optimized. It's using search friendly urls, also the page titles, meta keywords and descriptions are set accordingly to the pages to give best SEO results.

The front site is also using simple structure and valid HTML 5 code.
Logistics Software
Template based layout
The software is using templates with simple structure (like one static html page mixed with some special tags), which can be customized or new templates can be added.

We also offer the service to integrate a custom template provided by a customer, please contact us for details.
Logistics Software
Easier ads approval and management
The administrator can easily see the new ads and manage them from the administration panel.

He can also manage the new ads per packages, by giving priority of the paid or more expensive packages.
Logistics Software
Form Manager
New version has form manager which allows admin to create custom form fields. Admin can easily create textbox, dropdown list, radio button, checkbox and even custom html code, etc.

Each field can be set for searchable and they will automatically appear on front-end search module. Each form field can be assigned to different categories.
Classified B2B Web Portal Script
Google Maps in Listing Details
We have integrated Google maps in our classified script so users will be able to evaluate distance to listings on the map. Search for ads within a specific radius based on a zip code allows users to immediately get search results within their location.

The software is integrated with the new Google Map Api version 3. Now, it supports adsense on Google map which shows the adsense related to the map location. Google direction service is also integrated for each ad with location. It means visitors can easily find direction to the ad location on ad detail page. Directions are available in driving, biking and walking modes. This new feature makes adding a map to the listing much quicker and easier - the map is added directly from the location and address selected by the user.
Logistics Software
Power of Search
We know you are planning to play with huge listing, large datasets, tons of leads and number of companies which is going to be phenomenon.

Therefore we made your plan achievable by allowing very powerful search and sorting algorithm. You can enjoy the power of intelligent search to frontend, admin and members area what allows you to find the most accurate and particular leads within the very short span of time.
Logistics Software
Quick Favorites
Even if your users are not logged in or registered they will still be able to add ads to Quick Favorites by clicking on the star icon.

If a user didn't find anything on your site he can save his search criteria and get an email notification later once a matching ad is added.
Logistics Software
Unlimited Merchant Accounts
PhpHolidays increases your ability to create unlimited membership packages keeping control of managing e-commerce functionality of upcoming merchants. Therefore you can create numerous membership plans / packages with various options (ON / OFF) under different customized captions. It makes real sense of packaging to your visitors and ensures better return on investment (ROI).
Logistics Software
Power of e-Commerce
PhpHolidays supports enterprise level distributed electronic commerce through multi merchants using respective (preferred) payment gateways. We advice our client to apply extreme caution before enabling it, because it may create huge market exposure that needs to be maintained cautiously. It will create a phenomenon opportunity if you can properly and securely use distribute e-commerce functionality with some effort to online marketing may ensure enormous growth to your business.
Logistics Software
Different administrators and user groups
The administrator has now possibility to create different user groups for the administration panel, add new users (administrators) and assign their permission. In this way it's possible to have for example an administrator user responsible for the website content (modify the pages content, post news etc.), while have another one responsible for the ads approval.
Logistics Software
Unlimited levels of listing categories
There are no limitations for number of levels for the front site categories, so the administrator can define the categories he prefers with the structure he wishes. Our php classified ads script that allows unlimited categories and sub categories which can run unlimited levels deep. You can define your category hierarchy from your script admin panel.

He can also add custom fields for selected categories directly from the admin panel.